My Skincare Routine

Hello guys!
In one of my previous posts I made a review of my latest skincare purchase of the brand Laneige. Today I thought I would share what I’m generally using on a daily basis for my skincare routine both at night and morning:


I don’t have a specific cleanser at the moment and that’s why I haven’t shown you guys my cleanser. But of course I cleans my face. Right now I’m using a cleanser from Garnier and all mostfinished. I’ll update you guys when I find a new cleanser! I only cleanse my face at night. In the morning I just wash my face with water :)


Then we have toner that I use every night right after cleansing! As for Toner I’m using Vitamin C Tonic Toner from Pixi. It has been really good to my skin and removes all dirt that my cleanser dont got to remove :P The guy in the store told me it will reduce pigmentation too, but I can’t really see any changes in my pigmentation: I’m brighter on my cheeks than my forehead and around my eye-area. It’s not a huge difference and concern that I desperately want to change. I mean it doesn’t bother me that MUCH but IF I can reduce the pigmentation difference I would love to try :) So yeah I wanted to see if it kinda reduces the difference but so far I can’t really see any differences :)


As I’ve already shared with you guys I’m using the Laneige moisturizer and I love it! It keeps my skin really hydrated!! I’ve really been enjoying this one! It’s a little bit on the expensive side but I personally feel like it’s worth the money :) My skin has been really dry due to my facial laser hair removal and this kind of moisturizer is exactly what I needed :P I use this moisturizer for both day and night.


I feel like everyone always says sunscreen is one of the most important essentials in your skincare routine which I also believe. But I gotta be honest… the only reason I started using sunscreen was because I was getting facial laser hair removal :P Until then I did not use sunscreen. But of course I do recommend to wear sunscreen to protect your skin from damage. I’m not the right one to preach about it since I didn’t do it for the longest time and I started applying it because I had to BUT I do believe it’s a must in your skincare routine. I’m using the Clinique SPF 50 and as soon as I’m finished with this one I’m going to try out another one. It’s too dry and makes my skin “white” in a weird way and I dont know.. I’m not a huge fan on this one maybe because of my skintype or skincolor maybe because it has this “white”-ish effect when I wear it. It’s a little hard to explain :P The sunscreen is good and protects my skin but I would love to try something new next time :)

Facial Spray

Ok, so this is probably not a must for a skincare routine BUT as I just told you the sunscreen I use kinda gives a dry-white-effect on my skin and this facial spray kinda helps give that hydration back again. I love how facial sprays just give my skin some life! I always apply this after the sunscreen and I love it! It makes my skin look glowy!

Lip Mask

This has been a life-saver for me! I have really dry lips.. like really dry… and it has been so frustrating. And this lip sleeping mask from Laneige makes my lips so soft and hydrated (not sure if that’s the right word..). I use this lip sleeping mask before I go to sleep and it works every time. I do feel like I have to apply a lot for that to work though. The more I apply the softer lips I get the next morning when I wake up :P But I love it!

Sleeping Mask

I got this sleeping mask as a sample and I love this one too! I am definitely going to buy this mask! It gives your skin this extra treatment that you sometimes need! Lately I’ve been eating not-healthy and I haven’t prioritized working out due to studying(bad excuse I know xD) all day and night and it ruins my skin. This sleeping mask definitely gives this extra treatment to your skin and extra hydration that when you wake up the next morning your skin feels healthy. It’s definitely one I would recommend! Love everything about this mask!

Well guys, these are my skincare essentials and routines for morning and night. I hope you guys liked it! Let me know what your skincare essentials and routines are! :) <3


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