Skincare Review: Laneige

Hi guys
I’ve been trying some new skincare products lately and I’ve been loving it! I have wanted to try out a korean brand for some time now which is called Laneige. It’s quite expensive but I did get 20 % discount on Sephora luckily which I actually did not know until I paid for the products XD
Anyways.. Random fact :P
I’ve been wearing the products for about over a month I think and my skin looks absolutely healthy and glowing.
I love the packaging and the colors of the packaging as well. Also I really appreciate getting a “spoon” for the moisturizer and lip mask! The price is expensive but I do feel like it’s somehow worth the money.

The moisterizsr has made my skin hydrated and healthy looking. I’m really impressed. My skin has become somehow dry after my laser-hair removal process and shaving my facial hair so it has been really good for me to use a very hydrated moisturizer that stays throughout the day.
The moisturizer is definitely one I would buy again!

The Lip Mask on the other hand I did have mixed feelings about at the very beginning but now I love it! Let me explain further guys.. The first day I used the Lip Mask my lips were very smooth and hydrated and soft and I was amazed! The next few days I couldn’t really feel any differences but I did notice that I applied less than what I did the first day. After that I decided to apply some more of the lip mask before my sleep and it works wonderfully! My lips are usually very dry and it has kinda always been that way but after using the lip mask and adding a good amount of product, my lips are soft, smooth and not dry at all. So I am very happy with this purchase as well and it was really something I needed!

I’ve used the water sleeping mask only twice and I got a sample size from Sephora when I purchased the lip mask and moisturizer. Before using it I already got a review from one of my friends that this mask is amazing and she loved it! I had to try it after she told me how much it helped her skin! This sleeping mask is amazing. Especially days where you haven’t got enough sleep or eaten healthy and you can sense it on your skin, this mask helps so much (I mean of course I should change my sleep habits and eating habits as well and I’m working on it) but I’m just saying.. this mask really keeps your skin extra hydrated. Waking up the next morning my skin always is dry until I apply moisturizer of course but this mask really gives that extra hydration to your skin! It is definitely a mask I would buy myself! Loved it!

Have you tried the Laneige skincare line? And what do you think? Let us know! <3


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