My Look For Today // OOTD

Hello guys!

I got a new outfit post for you today and I decided to wear a dress! Lately it has been a lot of chill lazy outfits so I thought it was time to try to pimp myself up a little bit more yet keeping it a little simple though. Have a look:




I wanted to wear something girly but simple. And this is what I would go for. I love this dress, it’s actually chill but does look more pimped up than what I usually wear somehow :P I wasn’t sure with the heels but I actually kinda like it. They do look a little too big compared to my shoe size guys but I tell you, I can’t fit in a smaller shoe size than that, so I gotta live with my shoes being a little loose at my ankles ^_^”

Let’s have a close-up at my make-up:



Okay so I kinda have a confession to make: in one of my previous posts I said “well I prefer matte lips bla bla bla”… yeah well I think that kinda changed after I tried the lipsticks I got from Loreal!! XD I’m in looooove with glossy lips now?! :D Anyways this lipstick is from Loreal and loooove wearing it!! My favorite is the red one though. A review will be up very soon with that one! :D


Anyways guys.. that’s it for now! Hope you liked it! Have a great day! :D <3


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