A cozy visit from a cute friend <3 (+Quick Update)

Hello guys :D

I think I’ve mentioned this before BUT I’ve been sick the last few days and the other day it kinda got worse, so I was just laying in my bed… sleeping all day… and then suddenly Thami came by!! <3 :D So we had lunch together; Thami, sis and I. Just soup :P But it was really cozy and it was so adorable of her to come by just like that!! :D Love u! <3 But yeah! I thought I would share some moments ^_^ <3



She’s so cute!! <3 ^_^


Oh! Then I got these presents from Thami, “A get well soon”-present I guess you call it :P <3 :D (Thank yooou Thaamiiii <3)!

Well I have some posts ready, both outfit posts and some makeup review posts and make-up look! :D So I can’t wait to share those with you guys. I hope you all are doing well. I’ll probably do some more update today, because right after eating lunch together I kinda felt better so the girls and I decided to go out and eat dinner, but I’m gonna share that moment with you guys in the next post, cause there are too many photos I wanna share with you <3 :D (Oh my god… that sentence got really long ^_^” My bad)

Anyways… that’s it for now! Taataaa! <3 :D


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