My Life Is A “Mess”

Hello Everyone <3

I had to prepare for my last exam and my apartment is such a mess and my life just in generel as well… So that’s why I haven’t got to update much -_- Oh! FYI: This is NO emotional post btw ;)

Since I’ve been stressed out with exams and life in generel I haven’t really taken care of myself or my surroundings which means my apartment looks like I have no idea. And I look like mhm… no words… And my eating habits is not that good either. As you can tell: It does sound like a MESS.

That’s why I decided WHILE preparing for my last exam I need to get my sh*t together in general! So that meant: Not that much update on the blog or instagram either until I start cleaning up my messy lifestyle :P So what I’ve been doing is: Cleaning up my apartment, do some schedules, plan my lifestyle and get started with a CLEAN life (Exactly… New year = New Me -ish kinda thing) ! :D While doing this whole motivational lifestyle change -ish thing I thought I would share it with you guys <3 :D I couldn’t update you about this until February because I had 5 exams in January I had to survive! But now since I survived…I’m ready to update you guys! :D

I’ve bought a bunch of notebooks that I haven’t used and I think it’s time to use them and get motivated! :D

To keep myself motivated and focused I’ve decided to do a few tips and tricks that I wanna share with you guys that you can do as well:

  1. I’ve made a motivation/mood-board that keeps me postive and inspires me:
  2. I have a blogging-book where I can write down my ideas for blogging; This one is something I started already last year when I started my blog, so it’s nothing new for me but I wanna write down some more ideas and be more productive this time :)IMG_6984
  3. I got a notesbook for my over all goals: And to stay motivated I do write down 5 positive things every day and 5 things I’m grateful for everyday (There are days where I dont get to do it but I try my best). But yeah… these 5 things I have to write down can be totally small and random like what I ate or a song, or something bigger like a person… It can be whatever makes you happy and grateful <3 ^_^ (Inspiration from the book “The Secret”)
  4. I have a to-do-list-book since I love writing my to-do’s down in a little book, but if that’s not the case I’ll write my to-do’s on my phone :P I actually have a “must-to-do-list-book” and then a “done-book” where I can write down everything I’ve done throughout the day. Cause sometimes I do more than expected and sometimes I do a lot of random things and I never get to finish my musts. And it’s just motivating to see how much I’ve done so far throughout the day  :P
  5. I bought 3 notebooks from H&M cause I love their coverage ^_^” They are: Notes, Wishlist & Things I like. I’m not 100 % sure HOW I wanna use these but “Notes” would be for scheduling my days. WishList will probably be for writing down my goals and wishes (obviously :P). “Things I Like”-book… I’m not really sure about this one.. I just thought it was cute :P IMG_6902



  6. Then I have 2 more random notebooks. One for Economy and one for Healthy LifeStyle:
    1. Economy: I write down all the money I’ve spend every month and how much I can spend the rest of the month. This will help me know how much I can spend and how much I actually have spend already :P
    2. Healthy Lifestyle: I finally got some “rules” but these “rules” are gonna change every month. In February for instance my rules are strict cause I need to get into a better routine, so the rules are like no junk at all, no chocolate at all, no soda etc. (There are exceptions though: If I have parties to attend to or have plans with friends!). Except for this part this whole strict rules thing started because I made a deal with a friend if we could stay healthy for a month since we have eaten junk and a lot of unhealthy food while preparing for the exams XD And it turned out to be a deal between me and two friends, so I’ve kinda taken this as a challenge, and that is why February is SOOO strict. I would NEVER put up rules like this for myself without a deal with friends xD That’s just not my style I guess xP But it’s fun to try out :)
      In March it’ll be less strict though. I will put up rules about what I HAVE TO eat everyday, but I wouldn’t put rules about “no chocolate” for instance. Maybe “no soda” but I’m not sure about that either :P  Other than those “rules” I write down everything I eat throughout the day to see if I eat enough and if I eat healthy (It actually helps and motivates me!! :D)
  7. At last…I wanted to write a journal for a long time but I’ve been so lazy to WRITE down, but this year I wanna see if I can write in my journal I bought last year which I never got started with ^_^
    Sticky Notes that matches my Journal XD (I had to buy it too guys!) IMG_7017IMG_7030

That’s it guys! :D I hope this motivates you guys to clean up your mess too and get started on a fresh :D <3 I’m definitely motivated and I’m looking forward for a change and cleaning up my mess! :D

Take Care <3


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