Mom & Dad Visiting

Hello guys!

This weekend has been so chill. My sister is going to China with her class for two weeks so mom and dad decided to come by from Friday to Saturday and it has been so relaxing. Mostly my sister and I go to their place but they rarely come by to our place so it was different this weekend and it felt so good. We got to chill, shop, eat out, talk a lot and also cook at home too and it was just good.

Chilling at my place:

 photo 2017-04-01 22.34.22_zpso1sfzeha.jpg

Shopping (Mom is obsessed with red coats and jackets)

 photo 2017-04-01 22.06.20_zpshopjak03.jpg

Eating out at Café Victoria

 photo 2017-04-01 11.29.17-1_zpsvqgjn6rd.jpg

 photo 2017-04-01 22.12.30_zpsipxh3mzy.jpg

 photo 2017-04-01 22.12.31_zpslmrb6mnp.jpg

 photo 2017-04-01 22.12.29_zpsve5qtlkh.jpg

So the weekend is almost over and I gotta get back to my project and work! I hope you all had a good weekend ^_^

Take Care <3


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