A Quick Trip To Flensburg

Hello guys! ^_^
A few weeks ago my friends and I went to Flensburg to buy snacks and soda for one of our friend’s surprise party (photos will be up soon!). I couldn’t post this until the birthday was over :P And I gotta say it was a huge success. I wasn’t able to be there to the whole surprise party cause one of my other friends got married the same day so I went to hers civil wedding and then joined the surprise party afterwards. 
Anyhow I got some shots from our trip to Flensburg where we bought food, snack and soda and also we went to look for a flat screen TV as well since that was the present we wanted to buy all friends together. 

 photo IMG_3613_zps1wqewek8.jpg

 photo IMG_3614_zps469ljnro.jpg

 photo IMG_3615_zpsib9tbftq.jpg

 photo IMG_3619_zpsxcds4vgv.jpg

 photo IMG_3621_zpsmiio0pyw.jpg
  photo IMG_3623_zps9v2on3ah.jpg

 photo IMG_3629_zpsgosrxsie.jpg

 photo IMG_3634_zpsektzcdo5.jpg

 photo IMG_3638_zpshrdhlrun.jpg

 photo IMG_3642_zpsjqxx7yyy.jpg

 photo IMG_3648_zpsmyeam958.jpg

 photo IMG_3650_zps3vuiu0wv.jpg

 photo IMG_3653_zps1kldr0gh.jpg

 photo IMG_3655_zpsd5hbz5s2.jpg

 photo IMG_3656_zpsxqhj7qjp.jpg

 photo IMG_3663_zpsbocyuz7f.jpg

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