Hello guys!
I’ve been working a lot with mindfullness and one of the practices that I’ve been trying out is meditation. I think it’s healthy to take a break from our everyday life and to just breathe and let go. I think meditation is one of the best ways. With that said I do believe you can meditate in several ways. You don’t necessarily have to sit down and just breathe. Some people meditate through music, some through painting, some through a walk and the list could go on. We are all different. I also sometimes just go for a walk as a mediation or just listen to music or I draw. I sometimes also feel like reading a book is a meditation depending on what book I’m reading though. But I also do try my best to practice to just sit for 5 to 10 minutes and breathe in and out and try to stop thinking and worrying. I think “not thinking” and just focusing on our breathe is one of the most difficult thing to do. Some days it’s easy and it feels so good. Other days it’s so frustrating and I can’t stop thinking about my to-dos, worries, random thoughts that doesn’t even matter etc. I’m getting better and better for each time I’m meditating but you have to be patient and there are still days where I kinda suck at it :P
Meditation has helped me be more aware and calm. Also I feel more productive and focused the days where I have meditated. I think it has a lot of benefits in several ways: for instance to get things done, to react calm in a frustrating situation, and to be aware of what you are actually thinking about. Let me give you a short list of reasons to meditate :P

5 reasons to meditate:

  • It makes you more aware
  • You get more calm during the day when something stressful happens. Reduces stress
  • You are more focused
  • You get more positive
  • You get more connected to yourself somehow when you get more aware. You get to know yourself better. Meditation itself is like a journey inside your mind. It’s beautiful.

Meditation Apps

I’ve used several apps that I’ve been enjoying. Right now I’m trying out Calm which I think is really good (I’ve paid for it though!)

  • Calm: This is my current app and I love it. It has a topic every day to meditate about. I love that at the very end of the meditation there is always a message to think about for the day. It’s an amazing way to start your day.
  • Headspace: I love Headspace! I think it’s really good when you pay for it. It has several different topics to meditate about and I enjoyed all of it!
  • Insight Timer: Insight Timer was one I used for free that I loved! It has a lot of different meditations and it is so inspiring. Looove it! I still use it at times when I feel like other apps’s meditations are too similar to each other. In this app there are a lot more variation.
  • Waking Up: Waking Up was a very effective app. I think it’s better when you pay for it but I felt it was quite expensive to pay for compared to the others so I stopped after the trials. But I do believe it is a good effective app if you pay :)


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