Life Lately // Just A Random Sunday

Hello guys! <3

I’m just chilling at my parent’s place right now; I have to go back home to my own place in a few min, so it’s gonna be quick random update :-P Life is going good as always; I wish I was more productive than what I am at the moment. It’s like I’m stressing over my study, exams, project work, my work, my blog but I don’t really do much about it beside stressing ^^” It feels like there’s too much to do, and then I end up doing all most nothing -.-‘ Anyhow I spend this weekend at my parents’ and I’ve been a little extra productive: I’ve worked and I’ve studied and I’ve also worked on photographing and editing photos this weekend! Whenever I edit my photos, I feel like it makes them “low quality”, so I have to figure out what I’m doing wrong. I hope you’re all enjoying your sunday. I sure did; Mom made some delicious pancakes and I’ve packed my stuff and going to take the train very soon :) Let me show you some pictures of my life, mom’s delicious food and also some blogging experiments:

 photo SAM_2353_zpsmq0ndkmt.jpg
 photo SAM_2354_zpslwbryaeh.jpg
 photo SAM_2374_zpsgubdjjfq.jpg
Got this Starbucks Cup from Soginy: <3
 photo SAM_2380_zpsgn2r7ed5.jpg
So mom and I wanted to make an easy breakfast and I was searching on pinterest and found some “Californian breakfast dish”. I’ve never really tasted avocado, so I was excited about that. The recipe was simple: Avocado, toast, tomato, salt, peber and eggs! …I kinda came to the conclusion that I should never in general add tomato; cause I simply don’t like tomato in my food. A friend of mine always tells me to not add tomato cause I tend to dislike it, but I never really listen -.- *lesson learned I guess*. Tomato was one thing… Well how was the avocado then? mhm.. I know a lot of people love avocado.. but it’s just not my cup of tea… I’m not a “avocado”-person I guess. So was I satisfied with the dish?! XD No! I felt like there was no taste and the tomato ruined the taste of my egg as well :( So yeah… I’m never gonna make this breakfast again… ever… ^_^”
 photo SAM_2428_zpsuezezxcn.jpg
 photo SAM_2475_zpst4roppf2.jpg
 photo SAM_2479_zpsogy33aav.jpg
 photo SAM_2487_zpsrdccogkr.jpg
Well this on the other hand.. was really good:
 photo SAM_2512_zpstrkmla9c.jpg
Oatmeal breakfast:
 photo SAM_2535_zpsaesipppw.jpg
 photo SAM_2538_zps4yq98iow.jpg
 photo SAM_2544_zpsltk6frae.jpg
 photo SAM_2555_zpsfq6irzqe.jpg
 photo SAM_2559_zpsylq9nlyv.jpg
I bought a new book!! :D Have a look:
 photo SAM_2562_zpsh7r0nmuv.jpg
 photo SAM_2585_zpss0olfq8b.jpg
 photo SAM_2591_zpsg7pu00je.jpg
 photo SAM_2594_zps7a0vr5cj.jpg

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