Beauty Review: NYX LipCreams

Hello everyone <3 ^_^

As I told you in one of our previous posts AND on Instagram; I’ve got to shop a bunch of NYX cosmetics. And I just tried on the Soft Mate LipCreams; I’m impressed! They are so easy to work with, and the colors are beautiful and it doesn’t really feel like you’re wearing lipstick or lipgloss. The only “bad” thing I can think of is that it doesn’t stay all day, but it is something I can live with. You can just have the lipgloss on you, if you really want the color to stay throughout the day; So I don’t think it’s a total bad thing at all because the lipgloss has so many good features compared  to not staying all day. I love that it is creamy; It is so easy to blend with the other lipcreams if you aren’t satisfied with the color; and no matter how much you apply it never feels like too much. Also it is so easy to apply. And I just love that it is MATE! So as you can tell.. I’m really happy for these lipcreams! :D I had so many pictures I wanted to share, but I’m gonna do that on instagram, and try to keep it low with the pictures here ;)

I’ve tried the lip creams in the shades: San Paulo, Prague, London, Athens & Abu Dhabi

San Paulo: Let me just start off with my FAVE! This one is just PERFECT
 photo SAM_2278_zpsqsdkfxni.jpg
 photo SAM_2280_zpsqvvrchqj.jpg
 photo SAM_2279_zpsfssy95nv.jpg

Prague: Very… PINK! ;)
 photo SAM_2291_zpsrqezlt8n.jpg
 photo SAM_2317_zpsmcscqzdx.jpg

London: Loooove this one! The perfect nude for my skintone
 photo SAM_2243_zps2bcni5ls.jpg
 photo SAM_2250_zpsapw1rzjo.jpg
 photo SAM_2251_zpsbiapwnn5.jpg
 photo SAM_2244_zpsb9nwqtay.jpg

Athens: Maybe a little too bright I guess..I mean I feel this shade is a little too bright compared to my skintone, so I think it’s one I’m gonna mix with another one to make it suit my skintone ;)
 photo SAM_2259_zpsni2qohkv.jpg
 photo SAM_2263_zpsodeef8zw.jpg

Abu Dhabi: It suits a little better than Athens. My fave nude is “London” though :)
 photo SAM_2228_zpsjctdyswh.jpg
 photo SAM_2229_zpseprbtgnl.jpg
 photo SAM_2225_zpso699jfyu.jpg

Those are the 5 lipcreams I’ve tried on. London and San Paulo is definitely my favorites so far! It’s definitely lipcreams that I would recommend. They are not too pricy and the quality is really good especially compared to the price. I ordered mine on and if you are looking for soft mate lipcreams I would say: Go for it! :D I personally love them!


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