Paint a Smile

Hello Everyone!

Despite from the fact that I feel a little sick today; This has been the most productive yet laidback weekend after a long time. I got to work my ass off this weekend. As I told you I got a student job as a “programmer”, and because of the exams last semester I need some catching up to do at my work! I’ve been programming for hours this weekend but not only that; I also got to relax and rearrange my apartment with my friend!

I got to chill with my classmates right after work Friday; I had to work fra 10-14 and then I went to buy a couch for my apartment and right after I went to hang with my classmates. It was great!

Saturday: My friend and I went to IKEA for brunch and to deliver the trailer and buy some boxes for my apartment. After that we went to uni to study and got home late for dinner. We then decided to chill with a movie: “You Again” and some snack! I’ve watched “You Again” four times or something and I just love that movie! ^_^

Sunday: I’ve been feeling sick, so my friend and I made a big brunch and then I went back to sleep :-P I just woke up and washed the dishes and now I’m working on this post! ^_^

Let me now show you some pictures!

Saturday: Movie Night:
 photo SAM_1912_zpsdsnbgdhp.jpg
 photo SAM_1914_zpssoqqsyzt.jpg
 photo SAM_1923_zpsa78rpl78.jpg
 photo SAM_1935_zpspqhcv36f.jpg
 photo SAM_1944_zpsua8savtw.jpg
 photo SAM_1947_zpsnebwfcya.jpg

Sunday Brunch:
 photo SAM_1972_zpsknk3b8bm.jpg
 photo SAM_1964_zpsg1jrobos.jpg
 photo SAM_1958_zpsc4lpewcd.jpg
 photo SAM_1954_zpscp026js1.jpg
 photo SAM_1967_zpscmygecbz.jpg
 photo SAM_1966_zpskwthbxi0.jpg

InstaShots: Brunch: & Modern Family
 photo 2016-02-21 14.39.19-1_zpsffe6rzlx.jpg
 photo 2016-02-21 14.38.16_zpsv895zgxy.jpg

Saturday: Mcd after IKEA:
 photo 2016-02-20 11.35.21-1_zpsvergq5tc.jpg

Brunch at IKEA:
 photo 2016-02-20 10.33.12-2_zpsrahz3rbp.jpg
 photo 2016-02-20 10.28.41-2_zpsgpbfsupk.jpg
 photo 2016-02-20 10.28.15_zpslex47nq0.jpg

 photo 2016-02-20 14.09.48_zpskc8gognh.jpg

I hope you all had a great weekend! Take Care <3


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