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Hello Everyone!

When I started blogging I loved doing life lately -posts and now it’s rare that I’ve updated you guys about my “life lately” so I guess it’s time to show you guys some random moments from my everyday life :)

Things are going great lately! I mean I should probably study harder, work harder and all that BUT let me be positive for a second ;) My schedule has been “study and work, study and work, study and work” lately, so I haven’t updated you guys about what else is going on. I’ve been heading down to fitness again once in a while. Not everyday, but once or twice a week! I work everyday while studying so it has been a little stressful. Beside that I’ve also got time in the weekends to RELAX and spend time with friends and family! I’m also working on eating a little healthy again and I’m trying to cook too. I’m not the best cook at all, I’ll never be, but I’ve decided to give it a shot! I will update you guys about my cooking skills on the blog too, don’t you worry :-P

Let’s start off with a random “selfie-kinda-thing”:
 photo 2016-01-17 00.42.37_zpsytjkywbv.png

Studying and ending up drawing instead:
 photo 2016-01-24 19.06.04_zpsqs6kt3gl.jpg

Chilling with some friends:
 photo 2016-01-25 22.44.44_zpsb6ybkxzc.png

Selfie of course:
 photo 2016-02-09 14.57.07_zpswugltngx.png

Brunch at Dalle Valle: OMG they have the greatest buffet for like no money:
 photo 2016-02-05 16.14.30_zpsfnunabzd.jpg
CafeFry with Sissy:
 photo 2016-01-25 22.53.07_zpsmv34zv5r.png
 photo 2016-01-23 14.16.59_zpsdfdrk2rj.png
 photo 2016-01-23 14.14.17_zpsrxuuhgri.png
 photo 2016-01-18 18.55.15_zpssumtgh5w.jpgLet’s take a look back at when I didn’t cut my hair: I didn’t get to post this on insta, cause I didn’t feel for it after cutting my hair short, so I’m using this opportunity to post it anyways ;D
 photo 2016-01-17 17.03.34_zpsvmq8horq.png

My lovely gameboy! I still play on this one. I only have two games: Super Mario and Soccer! I prefer Super Mario of course xD It is gooooood!
 photo 2016-01-17 15.19.42_zpszzury9l4.png

 photo 2016-01-17 15.17.40_zpsytuntmqe.png

Drinking GreenTea:
 photo 2016-01-17 00.32.53_zpsdc2wzlij.png

Yeah… I dunno:
 photo 2016-02-17 13.56.35-1_zpst4dtml7m.jpg

My sister just got her own apartment, so we were chilling at her place:
 photo 2016-02-17 22.41.15_zpselsc29gu.jpg

Another selfie:
 photo 2016-01-17 15.17.06_zpse6ss33cs.png

 photo 2016-02-14 17.47.48-2_zpsgspy5nbs.jpg

Thannu at IKEA:
 photo 2016-02-13 17.02.26-1_zpsbuy91kus.jpg

Arthu at Jensens:
 photo 2016-02-12 17.59.02_zpsup6aw6z2.jpg
 photo 2016-02-12 09.04.22_zpssa4grqpt.jpg

StudyBreak: Modern Family (I’m addicted..)
 photo 2016-02-11 22.42.44_zpshjqyyyeh.jpg

Selfie with bestie:
 photo 2016-02-07 22.32.23-3_zpszoyduciq.jpg

Brunch with Delany at Dalle Valle:
 photo 2016-02-05 14.25.14_zpsebkutfll.jpg

Thannu cleaning her sneakers:
 photo 2016-02-03 15.47.16-2_zpsu2fzznl2.jpg

Studying in the train:
 photo 2016-01-31 12.32.47_zpsklwef5hn.jpg

Bowling and pool with friends:
 photo 2016-01-31 01.33.02-2_zpsp359zotc.jpg

Midnight Junk: Happy Meal from MCD:
 photo 2016-01-31 00.19.09-1_zpsptzxb13e.jpg

Blogging fails:
 photo 2016-01-29 21.51.32-2_zps6dshrt2d.jpg
 photo 2016-01-29 21.43.13-1_zpscrecujcj.jpg
 photo 2016-01-29 21.34.38_zpslfbom1ns.jpg
 photo 2016-01-29 21.02.33_zpsryftqmas.jpg
 photo 2016-01-29 21.02.27_zpskunvudgr.jpg

 photo 2016-01-29 20.49.56_zpsvro3n95z.jpg

Eating out with a friend:
 photo 2016-01-28 17.02.35-1_zpsowesg0no.jpg
 photo 2016-01-28 17.00.56-2_zpsypxlkwlv.jpg


 photo 2016-01-19 02.47.40_zpscj4gv4ab.png
And that’s it! As you can see: study, work, blogging, friends and eating is my life atm.
I hope you’re all doing good <3 Take Care <3

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