Hello Vacation!!

My exams are finally over and now I’ve finally got time to update the website and focus on my lifestyle and just anything else than stuDYING :P hehe. I love my study but let’s be honest… it’s HARD and I do have other interests beside studying I wanna improve so yeah :P
I have some posts ready for you guys BUT I forgot my camera here at home, so I didn’t get to take pictures of the stuff I’v got to buy, so it might take a few days to upload the posts :) I’m still thinking about posting the posts with the photos from my phone though ^_^ But it doesn’t mean I can’t be productive today… so I’m gonna see how much I can do today, on my first day of my vacation and gonna share it with you guys ;) I’m gonna try to update you guys about how much I’ve been doing AND what I’ve been loving through the day.. just to keep myself more positive and motivated. I’ve heard plenty of times that it’ll help to write down what you loved about your day to keep yourself positive, since it takes practice to keep your mind positive :D So why not try it out now ^_^ And one of the things keeping me happy and motivated is definitely being productive, so I’m gonna write down what I’ve been doing today AND what I’ve been enjoying today :D

My daaaaay:
– WorkOut + Bath
– I finally tried to play some piano again! Not really good at it but I did enjoy it though ^_^
– Shopping with Sis AND we went out to eat xD *Cozy!*
– Cleaning & Organizing my room + figuring out what I wanna take with me to my new apartment
– I did some facial AND I got to do my nails! xD *yay*
– I’ve been listening to a lot of music all day xD Especially Ed Sheeran’s album, Rihanna’s albums and Colbie Caillat’s albums! <3 Love them :D <3
– Watched The Carries Diaries ^^
– Oh yeah then another very small thing: I got to update weheartit, tumblr and instagram :P Nothing huge but it does make me happy! And those social medias definitely also keep me motivated and inspired :D <3
– (Got to do some posts for the website as well ^_^!)

Most of the time went with cleaning and organizing today, but I’m pretty satisfied :) Tomorrow I’m gonna be more productive and see if I can come up with some interesting posts for the blog :)


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