Hello Sunday

Hello guys :)

It’s Sunday so I’m just chilling in my PJ, working on the blog and relaxing before getting started with some homework and work-stuff. Life is really chill at the moment. I just work, study, blog, workout whenever I can and hang with friends. I’m still working on a healthier lifestyle; I’m not there yet but I do take small steps every now and then. I eat oatmeal and fruit now and I drink a lot of water. Water has never really been a problem actually. I try not to eat too much before my sleep but I also make sure mostly that I’m not hungry when I go to sleep. I do workout now and then and I make sure to get some fresh air all most everyday. Another new “habit” I try to do is writing a “Gratitude Journal”. I did this once halv year ago or something and it really kept me positive and motivated. So I just started to write a gratitude journal again; I write at least 3 positive things for the day and then everything I’m grateful for. I try to do this every night before I sleep :)

I also tried to work with my camera today and experimenting how to take photos. I really want to be better at taking photos and yeah I’m working on it. So here are some shots from today and also some a few days ago:
 photo SAM_2059_zpsvlicclmn.jpg
 photo SAM_2064_zpsbt1lmomk.jpg
 photo SAM_2069_zpsk3rbcyqq.jpg
 photo SAM_2066_zps4i78mkft.jpg
 photo SAM_2082_zpsrwn1q3za.jpg
 photo SAM_2084_zps19pqngwu.jpg
 photo SAM_2081_zpsrbwf5cu6.jpg
 photo SAM_2091_zpsawich0v8.jpg
 photo SAM_2087_zpsk0pbjbbl.jpg
 photo 2016-04-07 14.46.13-2_zpsxmuvgl4p.jpg
 photo 2016-04-07 14.45.51-1_zpsktzuhcxh.jpg
 photo 2016-04-07 14.43.37-1_zpss4fzjyz4.jpg
 photo 2016-04-04 17.45.32-1_zpscbqtqsry.jpg
 photo 2016-04-04 19.02.39-2_zpsguwyjyoe.jpg
 photo 2016-04-07 09.11.42-1_zpsr24evwy5.jpg
 photo 2016-04-09 01.53.31_zpsiqf2l7a2.jpg


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