ELF Review: Matte LipColors

Hello guys!

I have a review for you after a long time. I don’t even remember when I last made a proper review of a beauty product. I was surfing around on ELLE Magazine’s website where I saw that they recommend E.l.f. Matte Lip pencil; So I wanted to try them out! I bought a red one and a very pink-nude one! Compared to the prize it’s very good! I’m not a huge fan of the pink lip color; I didn’t feel like it suited my skintone well. It looks ok on picture but live… naaah :-P But the red one is amazing. I wanted to blend the red one with my nude lipstick from Rimmel, and it ended being very pink-ish :-P I prefer the lip pencil without the Rimmel nude lipstick though ;) If you dont want to invest too much money on makeup then this is definitely “lipsticks” for you. They are not that easy to apply like a MAC lipliner and the color is not totally pigmented but it’s not bad at all! I had to use the pink one a few times to get the color on my lip. The red one though was easier to apply and the color was more pigmented than the pink one. These are not my fave but I would say that they are worth the money though ;)

 photo IMG_8639_zpsny0m4h4e.jpg
 photo IMG_8628_zpst3yglth4.jpg
 photo IMG_8635_zpsxucejuqw.jpg
 photo IMG_9007_zpsemcibb2f.jpg
 photo IMG_9014_zpsxiboadrv.jpg
 photo IMG_9040_zpsooe0exdh.jpg
 photo IMG_9061_zpsfqb6guwn.jpg
 photo IMG_9062_zpslzelbohi.jpg
Other products that I’ve used for this look:
 photo IMG_9010_zpscu1y03g5.jpg
 photo IMG_9016_zpsyh9bamfd.jpg
 photo IMG_9069_zpsjihc8hk0.jpg

 photo IMG_9065_zpspnnzdeez.jpg
 photo IMG_9076_zpsjl0buik3.jpg
 photo IMG_9080_zpsjouse41v.jpg
 photo IMG_9095_zpsv7za0yby.jpg
 photo IMG_9113_zpst01flrpx.jpg
 photo IMG_9114_zpswiqhw40z.jpg
Some more without the Rimmel Lipstick:  

 photo IMG_9008_zpsfhatvoqz.jpg
 photo IMG_9023_zpscbvp9uxf.jpg
 photo IMG_9057_zpslmlocnm1.jpg

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