Going for a walk – #StudyBreak

Hello guys!
Some weeks ago I was studying with my friend and after studying for about 5 hours or so we decided to go for a walk and enjoy the christmas lights in the city . I got to take some pictures and thought I would share it with you guys: 
 photo IMG_4517_zpsayngeavo.jpg
 photo IMG_4515_zpssxr6f2zy.jpg
 photo IMG_4523_zpszntsno3s.jpg
 photo IMG_4524_zps8y16frxr.jpg
 photo IMG_4530_zpsgn6k8bqg.jpg
 photo IMG_4534_zpsrllwk5r0.jpg
 photo IMG_4548_zpsehbcg5fl.jpg
 photo IMG_4549_zpsmfsghyaq.jpg
 photo IMG_4557_zpsxdzekcfw.jpg
 photo IMG_4598_zps0qkmolea.jpg
 photo IMG_4602_zpsclp6cha5.jpg

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