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Hello guys! 
Lately I’ve been experimenting a lot with photography of products and here are some of the “experimenting photos”.  At the same time I thought I would share some products I’ve been enjoying lately.
One favorite is the Kat Von D liquid lipstick in the shade “plath”. It is so beautiful.
 I’ve also been using the Sephora contour kit lately. The highlighter is so settle and I used to not like it but it’s actually not bad. I love when you can SEE the highlighter like “bang” but this one is not like that, it gives a limited glow but it’s actually pretty. The blush matches my skintone too so this is like the perfect contour kit to travel with.
Another favorite of mine is the diamond creme from Emité Makeup. Omg this one is so cool. It gives you kind of a “wet look” but you can highlight you face, use it as a eyeshadow or apply it to your face before foundation. It just gives this amazing glow and “wet look” that is so beautiful.
Another product I have been enjoying the the bronzer from Loréal; I love how it warms up my face.! 
   photo IMG_4962_zpspt3py2x1.jpg
 photo IMG_4965_zpski0c096h.jpg
 photo IMG_4966_zpsalq4basq.jpg
 photo IMG_4951_zpsgx6f6duk.jpg
 photo IMG_4950_zpssbmnchlz.jpg
 photo IMG_4957_zpsevuidb5b.jpg
 photo IMG_4935_zpseyu499bn.jpg
 photo IMG_4934_zpsuwisftke.jpg
 photo IMG_4933_zpsovef8ksp.jpg

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