Hello guys!
I’m finally done with my exams for this semester and I can’t wait to get started with my thesis! I have almost 2 weeks off before starting with the thesis. I think I am going to start a little earlier if possible but I’ve also decided to give myself days off to relax and catch up with friends the next two weeks. The exams went well and I feel so relieved and I can finally relax…breathe… and do something else than studying. I will be trying to work on a better lifestyle now. It didn’t go well with the eating and working out in the exams period so I’m going to start all over again :P
Anyways, I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m done with the exams and I can finally update the blog and youtube and get into a better structure with blog, youtube and studying in my everyday. Today I’m just planning and getting an overview for the next few weeks and I have a few details that I have to fix with my thesis before 31st January as well. Anyways… I just wanted to give you guys a quick life update. I’ll get back to planning now :) See ya! Take Care <3

Featured Photo by Jessica Lewis on Unsplash


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