December Diary – On Saturday we wear pajamas

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Hello guys and happy Saturday!
It was supposed to be a very productive day today but it ended up being a very chill relaxing Saturday. I had no plans other than studying. Beside studying today I have been relaxing. I woke up and started cleaning the apartment, and I started vlogging again randomly after a week or two of a break. I also worked on the blog and then I got to watch series, give myself some pampering with facemask, handmask and a calming tea. This Saturday has been perfect. It’s now eleven o clock and I want to read a book and then go to sleep so that I can wake up early tomorrow and study harder than today. I also did shoot a new video but I think it is a fail. I sadly don’t think it’s gonna be up because I didn’t like the way it turned out but let’s see. Anyways I’ve been enjoying this Saturday 110 % while being productive at the same time and I feel so relaxed and calm now. I really needed a day like this. I hope you all have had a great Saturday! I’ll see you tomorrow. Take Care <3



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