December Diary – Goodbye Weekend

Hello guys!

I have been studying and chilling this weekend. Today has been one of those off days. I’ve been productive. I studied, cleaned the apartment, shot a video, took photos, did meditation and yoga. So I have been productive but I’ve been so off today. It is just one of those days I guess. Looking at my pictures though I’m very grateful for all that I have in my life. I’m really grateful for an education. I’m really grateful for this apartment where I can be myself and do whatever I want to. I’m really grateful to just wakeup everyday and having a new chance to get things right. When I have this much in my life I feel like I’m taking life for granted when I’m being off and moody but at the same time I think it’s a part of being human. We can’t always be totally happy and energetic. It’s okay to just have an off day and I guess today was my off day which I try to tell myself is okay. I feel guilty and bad when I am this way but I guess I just have to accept that some days are just “blurrrrr” :P I miss my family a lot and sometimes it gets a little lonely to be here and I guess that’s why I’m a little off today. Just six more days and I’m done with everything over here in Odense and I can go to Herning to my parents’s place! I might go to Herning earlier but I’m not sure yet if it is possible and if it is a good idea while having a deadline for thursday but let’s see!

 photo IMG_6019_zpsz9h6u3h7.jpg
 photo IMG_6016_zpsml0ixffo.jpg
 photo IMG_6002_zpsa0loo8xv.jpg
 photo IMG_5999_zpsfe1v0fce.jpg
 photo IMG_5995_zpskbcbvbqr.jpg
 photo IMG_5965_zpsqw144kby.jpg

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