December Diary – Oh Monday

Hello guys!

After having such an off day yesterday today has been perfect beside the fact that I’ve been feeling sick the last 4-5 days. It has been such a productive day and I’m so happy! I got to study a lot today which is so important since the deadline for the report is thursday. But not only have I been studying but also meditating, doing yoga, cleaning, cooking, photographing for the blog and vlogging. I got to do all most everything on my to-do-list. The only thing missing is posting this December post that I’m writing right now and finish of editing a video, which I’m half way through with! I really needed to take a day off yesterday I guess. Today I had much more energy to do all the things I need to and want to. Monday wasn’t that bad after all today :P

 photo IMG_6143_zpsikynvqvh.jpg
 photo IMG_6110_zpswv6abdgy.jpg
 photo IMG_6107_zpsfoumoiix.jpg
 photo IMG_6117_zpsifyvwg2r.jpg
 photo IMG_6120_zpso3oi6huk.jpg

 photo IMG_6161_zps1dhpv6jp.jpg


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