December Diary – Oh Friday, Let Me Hug You!

Hello guys!

 We are finally done with 4 reports and it is such a relief. This week has been so tough and exhausting and I’m so glad that we managed to finish off the reports. I’m still not done yet though. I have one more report for next week which is an important one and is a very big one too. It requires a lot of time and patience to finish off. Today after handing over the reports I got home to study for the next report but I was so exhausted that I decided to take a break:  I needed to give myself some time to relax before getting starting with the next one. I’m so happy I choose to give studying a break today.

By relaxing I mean I cooked myself some food, I watched series, I listened to music, I edited and uploaded a video and I got to take photos which failed but I got to practice. Even though I have been productive the last week (study wise) I didn’t feel that “satisfied feeling” of being productive but today when handing over the reports, editing and uploading a video, working on the blog, taking photos and etc. I felt a lot more alive and productive. It felts so good!

 photo IMG_5781_zps2osgol0j.jpg
 photo IMG_5786_zpsoludpw65.jpg
 photo IMG_5806_zpsb1mkahpm.jpg
 photo IMG_5820_zpsaad8z9dg.jpg
 photo IMG_5789_zpsdrdkqh6g.jpg
 photo IMG_5792_zpshivreolg.jpg
 photo IMG_5837_zpsoj9jbg3b.jpg
 photo IMG_5867_zpsypibowin.jpg
 photo IMG_5846_zpszdopilix.jpg
 photo IMG_5874_zpsli8jd0nq.jpg
 photo IMG_5877_zpsrkbeabmp.jpg

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