December Diary – Finally

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Hello guys! 
I’m finally done with my reports and deadlines and I can now officially enjoy the christmas holiday! I’m so relived and so happy. The last few days have been so hard on me. I was stressed and exhausted because of the report and the deadline. I’m still not 100 % satisfied with what I have handed in but I’ve done my best and I have to do my best for the oral exams now. I’ll take two or three days off to relax and then I have to prepare for the next three exams I have in January. 
After finishing off my report I decided to clean the apartment and then get going to Copenhagen to hang out with Delany. So I’m at her place now and we have been chilling with good takeaway food and just talking. I’m soon gonna go to bed and I just wanted to give you a life update. I haven’t taken any good pictures or anything today. I’ve been studying and finishing off the report today so I have no interesting pictures for you guys. Now I will go to sleep guys.
Goodnight! <3 Take Care <3 

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