December Diary – All is Calm, All is Bright

Hello guys!

As mentioned in the previous post I finally have holiday and I’ve been doing nothing but chilling today. It’s exactly what I needed. I was at Delany’s place since yesterday and today was just a chill kinda day. We woke up and then I started playing Crash Bandicoot on their PS4 for a few hours I guess, then we had breakfast and watched the advent calender “Tinkas Juleeventyr”. After that we were just chilling, talking and not really doing anything but talking and then it was time for lunch. After lunch I took a nap once again and then we all had to get going. Since it’s christmas eve the day after tomorrow we are all going to our parents’s place today and tomorrow. I’m still here at my own apartment actually and going to my parents place tomorrow. I have an appointment here tomorrow with my sister. We are going to try out eyelash extensions tomorrow and then we will go to our parents place afterwards. I haven’t tried eyelash extensions before so I’m really excited for that! I have a few shots from my phone today but I didn’t take much pictures since I’ve been hanging with friends all day:


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