December Diary – #23

Hello guys!

Today has been really good and stressfull too. Because of uni I wasn’t able to buy all the christmas presents I had to and also the ones I ordered are late because I might have been a little unaware because I had too much to study the last couple of weeks so I wanted to buy a few extra presents because of that. Today my sister and mom came to my place and we went for some shopping and then we went to my parents’s place afterwards.It was stressfull to buy the presents in the very last minute but I hope everyone will be happy for the presents. I have a few shots for you today from my phone otherwise I’m gonna watch the advent calendar and wrapping all the presents!

 photo Billede 23-12-2017 11.49.26_zpsdynby4k6.jpg
 photo Billede 23-12-2017 11.48.06_zpsk6j2uz6s.jpg

 photo Billede 23-12-2017 16.00.33_zps2cqgiyfi.jpg
 photo Billede 23-12-2017 20.08.46_zps00mkqneg.jpg
 photo Billede 23-12-2017 20.08.56_zpst9emo350.jpg


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