Crystals & Mindfulness

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Hello guys!
I’ve told you I think in the beginning of the year that I’m practicing and want to practice more mindfulness. There are different ways to do that and I’ve experimented a little. I do meditate and practice yoga and read books about mindfulness and listen to videos and podcasts. A new thing I’ve been trying out is practicing mindfulness with crystals. I haven’t got that far yet but I wanted to share what I know so far.
I bought my first crystal about 3 or 4 years ago and I bought it because I thought it was beautiful. Every year I then started to buy one crystal cause I wanted to collect them. Then I realized all these crystals have different meanings and is used for mindfulness. So this year I bought some more to practice mindfulness with crystals. It started out with just me collecting them because they are beautiful but it is more exciting now that I can use it for something even better. I’m new to this whole spiritual mindfulness crystal -part so I dont know much but I have done some research that I wanted to share with you guys today! :) 
I’ve read that crystals have a vibration and energy and can heal your mind, body and soul. A lot of years ago (I dont know how long) crystals where actually used for physical issues or mental health issues in for instance Egypt. The way Crystal healing works is you lay them on your body, but I dont know exactly the process.  
The crystals will help release reduce stress and will help you heal from whatever you are suffering from physically or mentally. It also helps you reconnect with yourself, make you stay grounded and connect you to the earth. It both heals and enhances physical or mental balance. There are different ways of using the crystals beside laying them on your body. You can meditate with it, you can put it beside you when practicing yoga, you can put it under your pillow for a better sleep, or you can also just have it on your desk. I think there are a lot more ways to use it for this is what I know for now. Right now I have my crystals on my desk and I had one in my jacket pocket wherever I went for a month or so. I want to try to learn to meditate with crystals sometime so that is my next step.
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Different crystals have different meanings. I dont know everything about all my crystals but I know a few things about some of them :)
My first crystal I ever bought is Amethyst (The beautiful purple-white one). It gives inner peace, strength, clarity, understanding and reduces stress. It is known as a spiritual enhancer and good for meditation as well.

The second crystal I ever bought is Rose Quartz(The two pink ones). This crystal is about unconditional love. It gives harmony in relationships. It reduces stress and enhances self-love, self-worth and self-confidence. 
Clear Quartz(The white one) is good for meditation too. It removes negativity, proves clarity and is a powerful healing stone in general. 
Aventurine(The green one)gives positive energy, joy and happiness. It also symbolizes motivation, independence and compassion. 
So this is just the beginning of my journey with crystals and this is what I know so far. I hope you guys liked this post! I have some more pictures but that’s it for today. Take Care! <3

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I also bought two chakra bracelets that I will make whole new blogpost about :) 
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