Cozy day!

So guys lately I’ve been TRYING to live a better lifestyle. I’m not gonna lie that I’m looking totally forward to it OR that I don’t like junk or choco cause I’m kind of in love with most of the unhealthy food which really sucks :P BUT I need to be healthy to make sure that I’m not gonna have any kind of diseases in the future because of my eating habits and lifestyle and another thing is eating healthy and doing fitness really helps to boost your happiness and reduces your stress and you feel so much better about yourself, and I really wanna achieve those things :P So I’m kinda trying… I do have my cheat days and some days I’m more strict than other days.. it depends ;) But here is one of my weekends chilling at home, eating some healthy snack too and some not that healthy (And Yeah I have Nutella on one of the pictures xD I love strawberries with Nutella guys :P). I don’t wanna be too strict right away so I’m taking it step by step and do however I feel and trying to figure out what works best for me :) I try to make sure that I drink enough water, eat fruits and veggies and do some exercise everyday. That’s my musts. Since I have vacation I’ve started reading about lifestyle, health and fitness so I might have some more restrictions or routines later, after doing some more research. :)



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