Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling

Hi guys!

Last week I went to Delany’s place where we decorated the christmas tree and just got into the whole “Christmas vibe”. It was so cosy and chill! I’ve got a few shots for you guys:

 photo IMG_0585_zpssaynmrjs.jpg

 photo IMG_0577_zpsdrhqzlde.jpg

 photo IMG_0573_zpsoxyhnnxa.jpg 

 photo IMG_0572_zpsqgxj1kon.jpg

 photo IMG_0571_zps4alxlfbx.jpg

 photo IMG_0568_zps5j18jhcg.jpg

 photo IMG_0549_zps0cxu4quv.jpg

 photo IMG_0543_zpsefpkkkee.jpg
  photo IMG_0537_zps7axpzbps.jpg

 photo IMG_0532_zps3kvyaxkp.jpg

 photo IMG_0531_zpsxrou87fs.jpg

 photo IMG_0557_zpsgiz608nm.jpg

PhotoCredit: Pradaph


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