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Hello guys! ^_^ <3

2016 is almost ending and I’m on my way back to my parent’s place(chilling in the train. FYI: It’s totally crowded), but I thought I would share some moments and update you guys about my random life beside blogging and youtubing. The past 2-3 months I’ve spent a lot of time with friends, at uni and studying; Oh! And also eating, eating and eating xD So that has pretty much been my life lately. Let me show you:

 photo Billede 24-10-2016 16.50.06_zpskpoihmqe.jpg

 photo Billede 01-11-2016 11.04.24_zpst7we3xmr.jpg

 photo Billede 05-11-2016 00.58.47_zps77dck7bb.jpg
 photo Billede 02-12-2016 14.25.33_zpsd9gmu0xg.jpg

 photo Billede 01-12-2016 23.50.16_zpsfkk7ccky.jpg

 photo Billede 25-10-2016 19.40.57_zpsjszb0a4k.jpg

 photo Billede 09-11-2016 17.56.56_zpsckztxcod.jpg

 photo Billede 22-11-2016 12.19.07_zpsn5z97iqn.jpg
 I’m kinda addicted to Gilmore Girls at the moment:
 photo Billede 09-12-2016 10.16.14_zpslaslt4nc.jpg
  Bday party:

 photo Billede 10-12-2016 19.10.48_zpsdutcucex.jpg

 photo Billede 10-12-2016 19.10.51_zpsfe9450a0.jpg

 photo Billede 10-12-2016 19.10.54_zpsseudk8r7.jpg

 photo Billede 10-12-2016 20.09.31_zpszog7yb0y.jpg

 photo Billede 11-12-2016 10.09.18_zpsi7falgwz.jpg

 photo Billede 16-12-2016 10.44.32_zpseag5hg1k.jpg

 photo Billede 10-12-2016 15.21.07_zpspvjl7t6y.png

 photo Billede 10-12-2016 19.07.35_zpscrbjkojb.png

 photo Billede 12-12-2016 20.30.10_zpsl9gxarzi.jpg
 photo Billede 03-11-2016 16.19.48_zpsbfjfb2mt.jpg
 photo Billede 04-12-2016 21.46.28_zps6ronnqs0.png

 photo Billede 09-12-2016 00.27.44_zpsa5fskyzr.jpg
 photo Billede 05-12-2016 13.00.28_zpsyp48ufue.png

 photo Billede 16-12-2016 20.24.11_zpsh55ydofe.jpg

 photo Billede 18-12-2016 13.27.02_zpsakukqr75.jpg
Dinner at Soginy:
 photo Billede 13-12-2016 17.46.20_zpsw2gsvrgr.jpg
FaceTime with Prithiviii <3 :
 photo Billede 18-11-2016 11.20.33_zpslgya64nj.jpg
 photo Billede 21-12-2016 21.34.22_zpspqwwoqtd.jpg
 photo Billede 22-11-2016 18.54.15_zpsylsc7s6j.jpg
 photo Billede 19-12-2016 21.59.48_zpsj6xyvhjx.jpg
 photo Billede 27-11-2016 20.37.02_zpsasnvi5ae.jpg
 photo Billede 30-10-2016 23.22.35_zpsge8dsgfc.jpg
 photo Billede 23-12-2016 13.11.54_zpslmnf9dzi.jpg
Btw! I’m so behind with blogposts because of the studies, so I’m warning you already: I’m trying to post all the blog-posts for 2016 before 2017, so there might be a lot of updates up till the end of December <3 ^_^

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