Chilling <3 vs. Productive?!

After the last exam I’ve been really chilling around! And it feels so good! I’ve finally got to do some blogging and experiment with the blog, which feels awesome! Otherwise I’ve been cleaning, planning my new apartment and watching movies :D Yeah life is good. But things will be different in February -_- cause then 2nd semester is gonna start… and I’ll have to go back to my studies again… that doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop updating though :P I just need to be more focused and effective so I can do both :D I haven’t been totally productive today BUT I did get to finish off some stuff! I finally started doing some workout again after a long time, which felt REALLY good. It kinda boosted my energy and happiness xP So it felt really good. Otherwise I’ve been doing some “must-do’s” like since I’m moving I have to change my address and apply for some stuff which I have no idea how you say in english, but some sort of housing support I guess?! :P Except for all this serious stuff I was hanging with a friend today :D We went out for dinner and just had a chit chat, so I got to relax and chill and just have some fun :D Tomorrow I need to start packing the stuff I want to have with me in the new apartment, otherwise I’m gonna see if I can be a little more productive than what I’ve been today :P

Anyways guys… I’m gonna go read a book now and relax my mind ^_^ Take care!


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