Benefits of GreenTea


GoodMorning People! :-D

I would be lying if I said I LOOOOVE green tea but I almost always start my day off with a green tea anyways. And I also try to get into the routine of ending my day with a green tea as well. Even though Green Tea isn’t my fave drink to drink and I would definitely prefer hot chocolate or cola… there is no doubt that green tea is much better for your health. So let me share with you which benefits it has:

  1. GreenTea makes your brain functions better
  2. It generally improves your health: ie. diabetes and heart diseases (I’m not gonna go into scientific reasoning but just putting facts out about WHAT it does not HOW ^_^)
  3. It increases your fat burning so it’s good if you wanna loose weight!
  4. It improves your dental health
  5. It helps you relax mentally
  6. And it’s good for your skin as well! :-D

As you can see green tea can help you live longer and healthier! This is actually the only healthy thing I do properly (Not proud of it at all but I’m happy I at least do THIS ^_^” ).




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