At peace with life

Hello guys!
Lately I’ve been working a lot on myself and on a more mindfull lifestyle as I’ve mentioned in the previous post as well. I’m taking it step by step. Like really small steps :P So today beside work, I got to walk 9 km, cooked a meal, did some cleaning, got to catch up with a friend, took a long bath and also got to experiment with some blogging photography stuff. Happiness is different for all of us. For me; one of the ways to feel happiness is being productive, creating some content and also taking care of myself. I’m slowly enjoying taking care of myself in the sense of for example cooking a meal and taking a long walk. Also I’m becoming more and more grateful for everyday. The more I practice gratitude the more satisfied I’m getting with my life. When I was younger I would tell myself that “I will be happy WHEN…” for example I got good grades, or I got a job or something like that. Now I’m just so grateful for where I am; Having a roof over my head, being financially stable, having healthy people around me.. the more I practice gratitude and stay in the presence and enjoy the presence the more at peace I’m becoming with life. It’s beautiful.


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