I kept chasing something we lost

Hi guys!
I thought I would give you guys a life update and share a very simple outfit as well. So life is good. I’m working on myself, trying to get a routine and just you know trying to figure out life as it goes I guess. As you might know we moved to a new place a few months ago so I’m kinda adjusting. I love this new place! It’s amazing. But the place needs a more personal touch if you know what I mean.. so that’s kinda missing :P Beside that life is very peaceful and laid back at the moment. I’m just working, cleaning, chilling, watching series, eating good food, “trying” to save money, doing some yoga, meditating.. you know just trying to take care of myself. After a long time I kinda feel very relaxed and free and at peace. It has been hectic with a new job, new city, new people, new home, new lifestyle and letting go of things but I think I’m doing better now and feeling better now and I just feel more at peace with life I guess. I know… that’s deep :P I strive to be happy everyday all the time and I kinda just realized that’s not realistic or possible. You know we need our downs to feel our ups as well (if that makes sense). That’s just the way life is. But I do feel way more at peace now than I’ve been feeling for a very very long time. I’m truly grateful for where I am at life and where life has brought me and I really want to embrace all the beautiful things I have in life <3

Coat: ZARA // Boots: Asos // Jeans: Pieces


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