Another Weekend Post – Bye Weekend

Hello guys ^_^

So this is gonna be a random “life-up-to-date”-post (I have no idea if you can say that ^_^”) . My weekend has been very productive I guess (or I TRIED to be productive)… I don’t really do much lately… Trying to study and get a grip of life. I seriously need a plan, some sort of schedule, so I can get everything done in time :P

This weekend has been good but very “serious”. By serious I mean I actually STUDIED :P I did not have any weekend, I went to Uni saturday and sunday to do homework, group work and catching up on some subjects. It was hard but it did feel good :P I was actually hanging with my close friend, Delany, at the same time, and that kinda made the whole studying process much easier and chill :D <3

Let’s go to the PICTURES shall we :P

2014-03-08 17.46.07

So this is where I was hanging with my books, studies, Delany and Mathu through the weekend *cooozy* xD (Go Uni Life!)

2014-03-08 17.37.01

Looking through my assignment :P

2014-03-08 15.53.56

2014-03-08 16.43.35

Of course.. since we wanted to study so hard this weekend we thought we deserved to treat us self with awesome food and dessert!! <3 I tell you guys… those potatoes and that sauce it just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G xD


2014-03-07 23.54.47

In the elevator… after trying to study hard we decided to go to McD midnight xD *Go-Uni-Life once again* :P

2014-03-07 20.38.48-2

Oh yeah! I have to show u guys this! I got it from Delany! And it was delicious! <3 :D *Thank u D <3*

2014-03-08 21.52.34

This is totally random but say Hi to my new friend! I finally got a vacuum cleaner!! :D  (…this is the life of a lonely-uni-student -_-)

Anyways hope you guys had an amazing weekend as well :P I should probably stop boring you guys with too much of my totally randomness for now :P hehe

Take care! <3


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