The Bubble Journey – PART 1

I woke up this monday thinking “usual day with usual schedule after a hardcore study-weekend… what a life”.. but the day turned out to be way more interesting than I expected!! First of all the sun was shining!! And the weather was so good that everything seemed perfect! And then I was hanging with some friends at Uni which made the day more colorful! Sunshine and friends, what more can you ask for? :D

But what’s even better is that we got to discover our inner child  xD  Let me explain further :P First we went to buy ice cream <3 And I got one of my fave ice-cream with banana and chocolate. We tried to see if we could find “bubblegum ice-cream” but we couldn’t find it anywhere :P After the little ice cream trip we were hanging at the mall and Delany choose to blow bubbles! xD So we all bought “bubble blows” (or soap bubble? whatever u call it :P hehe). We used to play with those when we were kids and we ended up hanging outside Uni fooling around blowing bubbles. It was fun and relaxing!! It was like being a kid again! And even today it is still exciting to see all the bubbles like back then when we were younger  :D I totally forgot how good it felt to just sit in the sun, doing nothing and enjoy the weather. It was such a relief. I should probably do that some more often: you know… Appreciating the nature and the sunshine and stuff :P

Moments of The Bubble Journey:

2014-03-10 12.05.32 2014-03-10 12.01.33

Delany & Mathu <3 ^_^

2014-03-10 12.02.14-12014-03-10 11.58.12

2014-03-10 11.57.44

Delany’s beautiful hair <3

2014-03-10 12.35.21

Ice Cream time!! Choco & Banana for me xD <3

2014-03-10 13.47.052014-03-10 15.07.21

Enjoying the bubbles while randomly doing the exact same pose! xD

2014-03-10 15.07.362014-03-10 15.06.39  2014-03-10 15.05.512014-03-10 15.06.032014-03-10 15.06.17

2014-03-10 14.02.372014-03-10 14.02.112014-03-10 14.01.52-22014-03-10 14.01.472014-03-10 13.57.052014-03-10 13.56.412014-03-10 13.56.04-22014-03-10 13.56.04-12014-03-10 13.55.552014-03-10 13.55.422014-03-10 13.55.372014-03-10 13.51.112014-03-10 13.49.192014-03-10 13.47.202014-03-10 13.47.132014-03-10 13.47.12



We had a great time and I gotta say.. hanging with these guys was so much fun! They are amazing! ^_^ !! <3

The Bubble Journey didn’t stop here… Part 2 is on its way!! :D



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