My MakeUp Look: Girly Look

Hello Everyone <3 ^_^

It is time to share my latest beauty look since I’ve changed some products! :D This post is only about the look and WHAT I use. I am working on reviews on the new products too so they will be up through this week and next week! :D

I finally tried some “heavy-ish” look (It could be heavier I know :P). I don’t feel 100 % comfortable in heavy look cause then I have to be aware of my makeup 24/7 and that’s just stressful :P But after trying out some different products I figured out it’s not that stressful as I thought it would be. Lately I’ve been loving colored lips, winged eyeliner on the upper eye, a lot of mascara and some blush! :D It’s not my everyday basic look but I do use this look if I have time in the morning and if I feel like pimping myself up a little extra than usual :P My basic everyday look will be up very soon too! :D

Now let’s get to the products I’ve used for my look:


As you can see..Most of the makeup is different compared to what I used to use :D The biggest different from my everyday look will definitely be the red lips with Loreal Lipliner and then the white eyeliner underneath! At first I felt like the white underlines were not really my thing but it actually gives your eyes a whole different look and I think I’m starting to like it! I wouldn’t use white eyeliner for a casual day but days when I wanna do something a little extra, I would probably grab that white eyeliner! It makes the look different and a little bit more fun ;)
Oh! The Blusher/Highlighter is from H&M and I can’t figure out if it suits my skintone well so I wanna use it some more before making a review of it but it’s a new one and it’s from H&M in case you are interested ;) I’ll update you about the blusher/highlighter later after trying it out some more :D <3

My Look:







More shots of my products:





Anyways guys that’s it for today! Hope you liked it and if you have any suggestions about what I can do better, any tips and tricks then let me know! Cause I’m just experimenting and I would love to hear what you guys think! :D <3

Reviews will be up very soon (Maybe already today!). Have a good day! <3


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