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Hello Guys!

It’s finally time to share my “foundation-routine/products” since I’m using some new products! :D Usually I use a liquid foundation from MAC (NC45) and a liquid concealer from SEPHORA (which is very light but it adjusts your skintone after some time), but it has changed to some new products now! I’m using MAC Studio Fix. It’s a little thinner than the liquid one I usually use but a little thicker than a normal powder. And then I have a liquid concealer from MAC as well. Both my foundation and concealer is NC45. I used to think that the concealer has to be a lot more lighter but I got told that it’s actually lighter even if you buy the concealer in the same number as your foundation. But I’m actually not really sure about it, so I’m gonna have to see myself if I want a lighter concealer than a NC45 ;)


I’m pretty satisfied with the MAC products! It’s the perfect one for my skintone AND it doesn’t feel too heavy either! And it does look natural which I’m surprised about cause I was afraid that it would look too heavy or fake but it doesn’t. It gives your skin a total natural look! So I’m in love with this foundation! And it’s probably gonna be one of my must haves! xD
I don’t use the concealer that much, only if I have time and feel for it. But it isn’t a must for me though. It doesn’t highlight underneath my eyes but it gives a natural mate look, but if I wanna work with more highlight then I should definitely buy a lighter concealer. But I dont think it’s necessary for me right now ;)


I bought a primer from The Body Shop too. It was actually recommended by a MakeUpArtist known as JasminBeauty_DK, (A MakeUpArtist on Instagram). She did a review on the product and I wanted to try it out immediately :D The primer is really good. It’s much more easier to work with my makeup after applying the primer and it does make sure that my makeup stays longer than what is usually do!! :D So I’m totally satisfied! :D I can’t figure out if it’s a must have for me cause I usually don’t use primer so I’m not really sure if this is exactly how it should work on my face or if other primers have more benefits than this one. I want to try out some more different primers later on and then I’ll tell you guys again if I like this or not :) But it definitely works good on me and no doubt that the makeup stays longer! :D


Products used:







Click here if you wanna know all the products I’ve been using for this look 

Take Care! <3 ^_^

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