My Fall Bucketlist

Hello guys!
I love fall. There’s just something so beautiful about fall and I’m not saying that because it’s my birthday month in fall… I promise :P
I love the cosy vibes of hot drinks, blankets, books, candles, the nature, the orange leaves.. There’s just something about fall… It always feels like a new chapter, a new beginning in some way. Oh and also the outfits and makeup in fall is just to die for! I love fall outfits. They are cosy and I love everything about it! As you can tell by now I really really enjoy fall season. With that said I thought I would do a bucket list to keep myself inspired and motivated to make this fall a good fall with good memories. Since 2020 is kinda cancelled due to COVID and everything, my main focus is to use this time for myself mostly and so far it’s going good I think. But yeah now to the list:

  1. Read at least 3-4 books (I’m really bad at finish reading my books lately so let’s try again)
  2. Horror movie night with friends
  3. I would love to make a hot chocolate bar that I’ve seen on pinterest. I’m not really a “Pumpkin Spice Latte Girl” but I really want to try one this year. I’ve kinda just assumed I dont like it. I think I did try one years ago but I’m not sure so I should try it this year and see if that’s something for me. In general I don’t really like Latte. I drink green tea and I love hot chocolate but I should try some some other hot drinks!
  4. I want to learn to cook fall recipes, especially soups cause that’s just perfect for fall I feel like :P
  5. Bonfire!
  6. Eat a caramel apple. This is again one thing I have never tried because I’ve assumed I dont like it so I’m gonna try this year!
  7. Make an apple pie
  8. Buy a cosy sweater
  9. Decorate for fall. Maybe, only MAYBE try some DIY stuff.
  10. Carve a pumpkin
  11. Jump into a pile of leaves and do some fall photoshoot
  12. Buy cosy fall candles
  13. Make cinnamon rolls
  14. Make a new fall playlist
  15. Buy seasonal flowers

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