Samadhi Spa

Hello guys!
A few weeks ago or maybe a month since I’m so behind with my blogposts lately: my friend and I decided to have a selfcare weekend where we wanted to treat ourselves with luxurious wellness and spa, good food and shopping. It was such an amazing relaxed weekend. We went out for some brunch and then we went to wellness and spa, where we got food massage, massage, facial and then we had like a spa area for ourselves with drinks, smoothies, fruits and chocolate. It was such an amazing experience. The place is called Samadhi Spa and is in Copenhagen. The atmosphere and everything was just amazing. I loved hanging there. I’ve actually never got massage before, so it was the first time ever and it was really good! We decided to try out a package-deal to get the full experience. It’s definitely something I’m going to invest in a little more often.

We got to eat brunch at Hoppes which was really delicious and the perfect amount of food for us. I often feel like we get too much on our brunch plate when it’s not buffet and I never get to finish it off. But this one was perfect! We also got to eat sushi at Watami. I’ve been at Watami several times now and I love it! I love their sushis and I love the restaurant itself like the interior and atmosphere! I think it’s one of my favorite places to eat sushi in Copenhagen.


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