#9DECEMBERDIARY – Experimenting

Hello guys!
I’m like totally exhausted.. so I guess I’m gonna update you guys about my day and life and then read a book and go to sleep :P Lately in general I’ve been very exhausted.. I’m trying to take care of my mental and physical health and I’ve been reflecting a lot lately as you might have noticed in one of my previous “meditation-post” as well. I guess COVID and cancelled plans forces me to think inward.. which is a good thing but at the same time also kinda exhausting at times… But I think this phase is good for me.. I have no idea if you guys understand what I mean :P I think what I’m trying to say is it feels like life is kinda on standby from the outside looking in with you know work and then just a very chill (kinda empty) lifestyle with no plans and not much of a social life as usual :P But at the same time mind-wise and thoughts-wise life is like the opposite of standby currently I feel like. And it’s very healthy and good for us but also exhausting I guess. I hope you get what I mean :P
Today I worked from home and then I had my singing lesson to go to. I just got home and I wanted to experiment a little with the camera since it is a rainy day and the Christmas lights at home looked amazing. So I’m not all glammed ud but this was my look today.. and also I look tired but I guess that’s life. Let’s try to keep it a little real :P

I also tried some black & white versions and at last I tried also to fool around with my phone :P


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