#8DECEMBERDIARY – Things to do in December

Hello guys
Today’s post is all about what we can do in December (with COVID in mind of course). Here goes my bucket list for December 2020:

What to do in December:
1. Hot chocolate
2. Buy a Christmas sweater
3. Christmas baking
4. Decorating for Christmas
5. PJ day – Buy a Christmas PJ
6. Watch a bunch of Christmas movies
7. Make some Christmas recipes
8. Buy Christmas presents/Christmas shopping and wrap gifts
9. Build a snowman
10. Read a Christmas book
11. Make a Christmas playlist
12. Try to do some Christmas DIY decor
13. Making a Gingerbread House
14. Winther/Christmas Photoshoot
15. Cover the house with fairy lights
16. Sing Christmas Carols
17. Do random act of kindness
18. Make Christmas cards
19. Eat candy canes! (omg candy canes in hot chocolate is the best!)
20. Wear Christmas socks


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