10 Reasons Why You Should Blog


Hello Everyone

Since we love blogging we thought why not share some reasons why YOU should or could do the same and also so you can know why we love blogging! ^_^

  1. It’s a good way to express yourself and be productive
  2. You share what you know with the rest of the world
  3. It makes you happy
  4. It’s like an open diary (You decide yourself how PERSONAL you want it to be)
  5. You can network and find people with the same interests as you
  6. It helps you find out who you are; what you like; how you want your life to be
  7. It helps you focus on something more positive and you can get a break from the real life that can be a little too stressful at times ;)
  8. It’s fun! :D
  9. You can be creative your own way: with photography or the way you write or something third! You name it!
  10. It’s your personal space to do whatever YOU feel for. It’s your own thing: Be yourself and show others who you are and what you love; It can be fashion, beauty, poetry, lifestyle, cooking, reading… Just anything you like!

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