What’s going on?!

So I thought I might let you guys know what’s going on in my real life beside all this blogging :) As you guys might notice I almost JUST started this blog. I used to just blog randomly at tumblr before this, but I’ve been quite busy these days so I couldn’t make the website as quick as I thought I could. It took more time than I thought. I’m not that far with the content for the site but I’m working on it ;) Enough about the website… ;D I’ve been studying for exams since new year! (What an amazing way to start the new year right?). And I’ve finished off two exams and it went good! I PASSED!! :D So I’m happy and I thought I deserved to relax a little and thought I would be productive with my blog meanwhile. I’ still not finished with the exams, but I’ll be at the end of January and THEN I’m gonna start my second semester at Uni! And THIS time I’m gonna study a little harder than what I did before and make sure I do all my homework (yeah…my new year resolution for 2014 -_-‘). And otherwise I’ll be focusing on a better lifestyle and my blog :D *Yay!*

But yeah this summer I moved to another city… And since I didn’t get an apartment I’ve been staying at my friend’s place which for about 6  months now and it has been AMAZING! :D I’ve had a great time! <3 :D But nooooow… I’ve got my own apartment! So I’m gonna move out NEXT WEEK!!! :D And I’m SOOO excited! This is my first time moving out to a big city and living alone all by myself in my own apartment, and I can’t wait! :D I’m looking so much forward to DESIGN the apartment! :D I hope the design/interior will be cozy and girly :D ! But let’s see… My economy isn’t that good lately, so I can’t spend a lot of money just like that, so it has to be good but cheap as well :P heh… *wish me luck*

So yeah this is kinda what is going on right now… exams, school, new apartment, moving out! :D

(btw that cover picture was totally random -_-‘)


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