Jumpers! <3 <3 <3 <3 ^_^

I’ve been surfing around on asos.com and found some Jumpers I really loooove <3! Have a look:


1)  Woven Back Jumper: Love this style WITH the shoes! It gives some sort of a sporty look but girly at the same time

2)  Joyrich Space Inovation Knitted Jumper: This one is fierce! I looove the print xD I wouldn’t personally wear the jeans though, that’s not really my thing :P But still in love with the jumper!

3)  ASOS PETITE Exclusive Fluffy Front Colourblock Jumper: I love the whole outfit! It’s chilled and girly. I prefer the jumper with jeans though because I feel more comfortable with jeans in general and lately I’ve really prioritized that what I’m wearing is comfortable than just looking pretty  xP BUT that might change… who knows :P The jumper IS cute with the skirt though! No doubt! <3 ^_^

4)   ASOS Aran Jumper: I looove this one! It’s so simple and elegant <3 And of course out of stuck now, just checked :'( It’s girly, cute and COZY! :D Perfect!


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