What is Microneedling ft. SwissClinic

Hello guys
I’ve got to try out microneedling for some time now and I thought I would do some research on it since I’ve got a skinroller from SwissClinic and I wanted to know more about the treatment!
Microneedling is a facial-treatment that is known for improving your skin. The skinroller has like small needles that you roll on your skin. It is known for creating new collagen and elastin. This is known to make your skin smoother, toned and also more “firm”. I don’t know exactly 100 % about how the collagen and elastin is creating on new but the needles does it as far as I understand. The treatment can be treated for scars, wrinkles, pigmentation, stretches and pores as well. It is both known for using at your face but also your body.
Now I’ve used the skinroller from SwissClinic and this is kind of my first impression cause I do believe I need more time to show you more of a difference but I can tell you that I personally do feel like it makes my skin more firm, toned and also smooth. Also I mean the treatment is not that pleasant, it is a little uncomfortable at first since it is needles on your face but I personally dont feel like it hurts much or that it is painful. You get used to it after trying it once. I can definitely tell a difference in my skin regarding how it feels and looks but I think I do need more time to see more improvements of course.


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