My Top 5 Favorite Sarees

Hello guys!
I have a new video for you guys! Today I just wanted to share my favorite sarees with you guys ^_^ I’m just talking about the sarees I enjoy wearing. Very random :P But let me know which one is your favorite if you like any of them :P
There’s going to be a part 2 where I share my favorite sarees of my mom’s too! I couldn’t put them all together cause then the video would be too long ^_^” I hope you guys like it! ^_^

 photo IMG_4890_zpse95wrc2a.jpg
 photo IMG_4921_zpshzv4ggub.jpg
 photo IMG_4923_zps6xlbi1jv.jpg
 photo IMG_4930_zpshavpk1b5.jpg
 photo IMG_4929_zps6euw4hzv.jpg
 photo IMG_4934_zpsiwypcqre.jpg
 photo IMG_4961_zpsnc43w2yh.jpg
 photo IMG_4918_zpsq9szo5bj.jpg
Take Care <3 ! 

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