You cannot find peace by avoiding life

Hi guys! 
I thought I would do a quick lifeupdate today. This week is probably going to be hectic since I have about one week to finish off my project. Lately the days have been going with studying, studying with friends, eating out with friends as a study break and some more studying and also a little workout. I don’t have time to plan anything huge with friends lately because of the loads of work I have to do so it’s all kind of spontaneous whenever I do get to chill with them all. I almost only have a social life when I need a lunch break or need dinner or when I study with my friends but I do feel productive lately :D Some random shots from my life: 

 photo Billede 08-05-2017 21.47.39_zpsqwi03xom.jpg  photo Billede 08-05-2017 21.47.44_zpsmxttseix.jpg  photo Billede 08-05-2017 21.47.50_zpslvsqaz3k.jpg  photo Billede 09-05-2017 11.26.13_zpsrnd5o8cn.jpg  photo Billede 09-05-2017 11.26.22_zpsv3k8pdyx.jpg

  photo Billede 09-05-2017 13.27.50_zpsdjpdmomg.jpg  photo Billede 09-05-2017 14.23.35_zpsebtg6uug.jpg  photo Billede 09-05-2017 14.23.38_zpsgafefwzx.jpg  photo Billede 09-05-2017 14.23.41_zpsj6dtkife.jpg  photo Billede 09-05-2017 16.29.16_zpsi36gucfx.jpg  photo Billede 10-05-2017 11.14.36_zps7qulcfzt.jpg  photo Billede 10-05-2017 11.14.41_zps2jmdk1dd.jpg  photo Billede 07-05-2017 14.13.21_zpst69mtdou.jpg  photo Billede 07-05-2017 14.13.28_zpsghjlyi8g.jpg

Take Care! <3


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