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Outfit Of The Day

Top: Moss Copenhagen – Jeans: H&M – Sneakers: Lacoste – Jacket: Zara
Photo credit: ShaukatSayedPhotography 

 photo 20180416-_S9A4153_zpscq1jtnay.jpg
 photo 20180416-_S9A4120_zpssqinoybz.jpg
 photo 20180416-_S9A4137_zps7ygvlvvg.jpg
 photo 20180416-_S9A4122-Edit-Edit_zpsvmzaufwp.jpg
 photo 20180416-_S9A4126_zpsm7zqeq0z.jpg
 photo 20180416-_S9A4141_zpsdmw7ho7o.jpg
 photo 20180416-_S9A4125_zpsmbi5qs41.jpg
 photo 20180416-_S9A4174_zpsdjdukeiz.jpg
 photo 20180416-_S9A4170_zpshf0tqwn2.jpg
 photo 20180416-_S9A4124_zpsocngkscd.jpg
Photo by: ShaukatSayedPhotography 


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