Hello guys!
I’ve been a little behind with updating the blog and youtube compared to before but let me tell you why: I’ve been hanging out a lot with my friends spontaneously lately, I’ve had a lot to study at the same time, I’m focusing on a healthier lifestyle and I haven’t really god the time to properly sit down and write a blogpost. Usually I do just sit and edit videos and update the blog at night, like very late, but lately I’ve been focusing on getting more sleep, waking up early and eating properly, and this means I have less time than usual and that I have to be better at planning *I’m working on it guys!*
Also studying takes a lot of my time right now since exams are coming up and I’m hopefully soon going to end this semester. We have three reports for this week and a presentation and then two reports the week after and then I have one week to prepare for my first exam. So there are a lot to do. To not stress too much and feeling depressed or anxious I’ve managed to both study hard but also have fun and enjoy the good weather with my friends which has been amazing. But with that said; the next 6 weeks my main focus is studying cause I want to do good in my exams. That doesn’t mean I can’t blog or youtube or hang with friends but studying is my main priority right now though. I think the content will be a little bit more study related the next few weeks but I haven’t planned it out yet. 
Anyways, I do have photos/moments I want to share with you guys today so you can see what I’ve been up to: 

 photo Billede 12-05-2018 16.34.48 2_zpswhgepsed.jpg
 photo Billede 12-05-2018 16.34.42 1_zpsqnolmlxf.jpg
 photo Billede 09-05-2018 08.16.25_zpss6jbhs89.jpg
 photo Billede 07-05-2018 12.16.10_zpsc5j8yfuu.jpg
 photo Billede 07-05-2018 07.50.58 1_zpsan5sahqr.jpg
 photo Billede 06-05-2018 20.39.21 1_zpsrvtwjavd.jpg
 photo Billede 06-05-2018 09.36.25 1_zpskkhxoh1z.jpg
 photo Billede 06-05-2018 09.36.10 1_zpsm8rozr5h.jpg
 photo Billede 05-05-2018 08.01.46 1_zps0fdlrnn1.jpg
 photo Billede 05-05-2018 08.01.39 1_zps5sfaqbvw.jpg
 photo Billede 05-05-2018 07.19.42_zps9x55ychj.jpg
 photo Billede 05-04-2018 12.01.32 1_zps9jojgiva.jpg
 photo Billede 05-04-2018 10.46.06 1_zpsfacxbb8i.jpg

 photo Billede 12-05-2018 14.54.46 4_zpshet4kesz.jpg

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