Table’s turned

Hello everyone! ^_^

I just have a quick life-update for you guys! Beside cutting my hair I did manage to take some random photos through out the week. I’m back home at my parents’ place, and there is so much snow over here! I usually complain and hate snow, but this time I’ve been enjoying the snow, going for walk, and just relax. Or maybe everything else than studying feels good because I got exams going on -_- I dont know, but I did enjoy my walk and the snow :D
 photo SAM_1567_zpsa7jylymd.jpg
 photo SAM_1575_zps0cmkg6jg.jpg
 photo SAM_1584_zpsdmmu21g1.jpg
 photo SAM_1594_zpsjminhvyt.jpg
 photo SAM_1602_zps4bgpcujn.jpg
 photo SAM_1603_zps1wrgvsqp.jpg
 photo SAM_1647_zps2jni5xz2.jpg
 photo SAM_1648_zpshyu7sayj.jpg
 photo SAM_1653_zpsqukedwh5.jpg
 photo SAM_1822_zpscamvlcaa.jpg

I gotta admit; One of the best “meditation” is definitely getting some fresh air when you are totally stressed out
 photo SAM_1868_zpsnhtzl2ps.jpg
 photo SAM_1871_zps1a3qnv79.jpg
 photo SAM_1884_zpsllkaek7i.jpg
 photo SAM_1869_zpsh3xywawy.jpg
 photo SAM_1904_zps7iwp37yw.jpg
 photo SAM_1892_zpsnywkrilv.jpg
 photo SAM_1889_zpsub95beoc.jpg
 photo SAM_1886_zpsyje4ojcp.jpg

 photo SAM_1855_zpsheiyhgvp.jpg
Take Care! <3